Amazon Marketing Solutions

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FREE Listing Optimization
Most product listings on Amazon aren’t optimized – which means potential customers can’t easily find them.  Often, they need better or more pictures and better bullet points. Bullet points should contain specific keywords that point potential customers to the listings. Also, most (like almost all) sellers don’t monitor customer feedback – which is vital. But we do because the success of your products on Amazon and your brand’s reputation hinges on how these reviews are answered. We are Amazon listing experts, and we’ll work with you to make your listings fully optimized –  which will lead to higher product rankings and more sales.

FREE Marketplace Analytics
Most brand owners have no idea how well (or not-so-well) their products are selling on Amazon.  How many units did you sell each month? What is your average monthly ranking? What is your current sales ranking in your main sub-category? What are your customers saying? We’ll tell you everything. We help you understand key Amazon marketplace metrics with digestible, actionable reporting via our monthly PROvide Marketing Product Tracker sent to your email box. See a sample here.

FREE Continual Tracking of Your Product Listings
In addition to fully optimizing the listing, we keep you abreast of your Amazon sales trends and any listing changes – including MAPP compliance and customer feedback. We closely track your product’s Amazon sales, alerting you to any concerns and solutions. Get a questionable customer review? We’ll let you know. Need to know how to answer customer reviews? We’ll help you. Wanna see rapid sales growth? We’ll help you set up an effective Pay-Per-Click campaign. We’ve got a really good track record of growing products on Amazon, and we can help your sales increase too.

FREE Order Fulfillment
We foot the bill for Amazon to do all the prep and shipping. That way, it will safely and quickly arrive in your customers’ hands when they expect it. For Amazon Prime customers, they’ll get it within 2 days of their order for free!  This will increase your customer satisfaction – which goes a long way to increasing sales.

Amazon Sales Strength
We’re a multi-million dollar Amazon seller, and with our selling strength, resources, and solutions, we can help you achieve your sales goals. We’re committed to keeping our brand owners informed and helping them reach their sales goals.  We can help you.  If you allow us to partner with you, you will see that we know how to sell products and grow brands on Amazon.  Contact us today!